Rhetorical Analysis Of Poem ' Exhausting My Eyes ' Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Of Poem ' Exhausting My Eyes ' Essay

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A universally acknowledged poem of Tang “Exhausting my eyes to a thousand miles further, I am ascending one more story of the tower.” is the proper to sum up my ENG class this semester. During this period of time, I have already finished the Summary and Response, Rhetorical Analysis, Argumentative Essay and several quizzes. Writing each essay is like ascending one step to get the top, especially in phrases choices, rhetorical devices, works cited page and so on. Now I will reflect on those writing experiences from the perspective of each essay individually.
Summary and Response was the first essay I wrote. I chose a pair of recent news articles to write about. To begin with I did not know how to extract the main idea from the whole news. Later I learned to focus on topic sentences of each paragraph. The words needed to be concise. This was a challenge for me because I have a tendency to use so many additional words which are not necessary. After trying several times to generalize the main idea between the lines, I delightfully found some efficient tricks which are suitable for summarizing. Similar to my own essays, the topic sentence is at the end of the first paragraph. Then the first sentence of every body paragraph is also a short summary of the whole paragraph. After finding each main sentence, I used some transition skills to make up an entire essay. An interesting thing is I cannot control myself not adding my feelings or opinions into the summary. Luckily, I was allowed to declare myself in the other part of the essay called Response. Frankly speaking, I felt there were so many things to write that eight hundred words could not contain all the thoughts. During this writing process, I had an awareness of the impor...

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...lagiarism. It shows the writer’s respect to other authors’ intellectual property. Although I will not have an academic writing course in the future, I will still have a chance to write academic report, lecture and so on. Thus, the most meaningful thing I learned from writing argumentative essay is not critical thinking like how to argue, but how to write works cited page.
Time flies like an arrow. During this period of time, I have already finished the Summary and Response, Rhetorical Analysis, Argumentative Essay and several quizzes. I learned how to use specific phrases from the Summary and Response essay. I tried to distinguish the English version rhetorical devices in the second essay. At last, I was aware of the importance of works cited page. What a harvest season it is! I sincerely hope that I can use what I learned this term in the future writing times.

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