Rhetorical analysis of Michael Gerson's article Essay

Rhetorical analysis of Michael Gerson's article Essay

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The transition from a convenience based to a cost conscious economy has certainly been a rough path for the western world especially the United States. After the recent economic turmoil that received extensive media coverage during the first decade of the 21st centaury, budget trims is a common knowledge from small business organizations to large multi-national corporations. This is evident in the privileges and conveniences consumers and employees receive at an establishment. A classic example of revenue management and optimization is in the airline industry. With smaller seats, higher passenger load and fees and charges levied on peanuts and baggage, most airlines are in fierce competition to reduce fair prices. The issues with regard to budget cuts in first world nations has a profound impact on less fortunate third world and other dependent countries; This is especially true with regard to human development and sustainability programs sponsored by wealthier nations. In the article "The real-world effects of budget cuts" by Michael Gerson an argument and reality check is imposed on inconceivable and in the author's mind irrational withdrawal of capital on life supporting programs. The author also makes a personal appeal especially for those of us who believe in the ideology of pro-life.
Though Mr. Gerson is an experienced and seasoned bureaucrat and has also served on advisory committees for the President of the United States, the article under analysis here published by the Washington Post has many rhetorical elements to capture and engage the reader. Rhetorical elements of ethos, pathos and logos are clearly used in this article. We shall now document the occurrence and of such statements by through extracts from the article ...

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...fe group. His involvement with a Baptist church and association with the Republican Party demonstrates his political and social inclination. The author has a vested interest in the results of the budget debate and is putting in much effort to convince his audiences. By employing Aristotle's three most powerful tools of persuasion i.e. Argument by character (Ethos), Argument by logic (Logos) and Argument by emotion (Pathos) the author makes a strong argument to convince and persuade his audiences.

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