Rhetorical Analysis Of High School Students Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Of High School Students Essay

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As a writer, I have come across a wide variety of rhetorical situations for which I have
written. In first and second grade, when I had absolutely no idea what rhetoric was, I would write letters to Santa and ask for the coolest new “Hot Wheels,” and when I had matured a whole lot more by fourth grade, the Roboraptor. By high school, I was writing all types of essays for the AP exam graders, who didn’t seem to like my writing that much, but what’s a high school student to do about it? To be honest, I really didn’t like it that much, either. As a matter of fact, even though they were filled with errors and had no real structure to them, I feel like I enjoyed my letters to Santa back in elementary school a whole lot more than the essays I was writing in high school. But why? Surely, I wasn’t a good writer at all at the age of six, but I actually enjoyed what I was writing back then. I wrote to Santa because I wanted to, not because my parents forced me to write to him. In middle school, while I was studying in Iran, I read poetry by Hafiz, Sa’adi, Ferdowsi, and much more, so that I could blend in a little more with all the other Persians and not feel like an outsider. After two years of studying Farsi, I was writing my own poems, because I wanted to. Because Poetry was what I had a true passion for. Most of my writings in high school, however, were merely burdensome tasks accomplished for a decent grade so I could move on to the next grade level, where I’d be forced to write more things about things I didn 't like. This made me greatly dislike writing in its entirety. This essay isn’t as bad, though, since I get to rant by writing about how much I hate writing- in most situations, at least.
There were a few pieces of writing which r...

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...gree with this point of view when it comes to my own writing. With my school writings, the constraints of the situation are what kept me on the same path (which I would have disliked anyways, I didn’t like writing anymore) and made me feel greatly confined when I was writing. It was as if I was being forced to walk down a straight path and had no way of changing it whatsoever. With the poems I wrote, on the other hand, I felt no constraints. I would feel a sudden surge of motivation to write, and I would write without a problem, without feeling pressure on what to write.
All in all, rhetorical situations can be defined in many ways, and can include different constituents, such as audience, constraints, and exigence. These constituents can apply to many writings and rhetorical situations, but I don’t feel as though they apply to some writings, especially personal ones.

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