Rhetorical Analysis Of Green 's High School Experience Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Of Green 's High School Experience Essay

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Exceptional presenters own the room by making themselves the center of attention (Koegel, 6). To be the center of attention one must appear organized, and credible. You should have a passion for the subject that you’re speaking about, and you must engage your audience. Green’s high school experience was a story about self-discovery, and academic revelations, which engaged his audience. Green also told a few jokes, which incited laughter from the crowd. According to Rothwell, “humor is the best attention strategy...best antidote to boredom,” Green was able to achieve the attention of his audience since his humor was not alienating or hostile (Rothwell, 2014, p. 78). Engaging your audience relies on your ability to understand the audience, and relate to them. Since Green used multiple examples of how he re-discovered his love for learning at various points in his life, he was able to relate to his entire audience. Substantive similarity, which is highlighting positions, values and attitudes that you share with your audience, creates common ground between the speaker and his audience (Rothwell, 58).
As for John Green’s PowerPoint presentation, it needed a few alterations. Sixteen minutes into his speech John Green showed a picture, which was captioned by a small yellow print. Green noted that the image was of Honey Booboo criticizing industrial capitalism. He noted the image’s message incase his audience could not read what it said. However, he did not actually read the quote from Honey Booboo. If you put text onto your PowerPoint presentation the text should be short and legible. It’s likely that your audience will not have time to read an entire text on a PowerPoint slide if it is more than one sentence. If someone in your audien...

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...f you are using a PowerPoint presentation to deliver a speech then you should take your audience 's perspective into consideration. If you post an image with multiple people in it, and single out one particular individual, then that individual should have a marker that identifies them.
Cuddy and Meyer both presented their speeches at TEDGlobal events on separate occasions, while Green presented his speech at a smaller event in Indianapolis. It is possible that the scale of the TEDGlobal event influenced Cuddy, and caused her to be extra anxious. Conversely, Green who spoke at a significantly smaller event did not perform as well as Meyer. My hypothesis is that Meyer was the most effective speaker because she practiced her speech thoroughly. It seemed like both Cuddy and Green attempted to memorize their speech instead of familiarizing themselves with their speech.

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