Rhetorical Analysis Of Colgate 's ' Colgate Palmolive Company ' Essay examples

Rhetorical Analysis Of Colgate 's ' Colgate Palmolive Company ' Essay examples

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Persuasion is a part of our everyday life. Whether we are persuading our mother, using persuasion through speech, or through advertisements, we are using rhetoric strategies to get the response we desire. With the help of minor details in many advertisements, Ethos, Logos, and Pathos are a way of persuading the audience to buy or think a certain way. A Colgate toothbrush commercial used Logos, Pathos and Ethos to spread the word that they have the best toothbrush of all, in which they target everyone who has teeth. Through the use of advertisements, Colgate has convinced the world that they have the best toothbrushes, they’re even recommended by dentists.
Colgate as a company strives to be the best company to have the best dental products. In an article from the website live strong Norma Chew wrote, “Colgate Palmolive Company is one of many companies that provide dental care products to the consumer.” Colgate as a company is expanding their products. Colgate was once only known for selling toothpaste, but now they have a wide variety of dental products to promote clean teeth.
The advertisement of the Colgate toothbrush shows the positivity of the toothbrush. The advertisement is on a red background. They have their product which is a blue and white tooth brush, slanted in the middle of the ad. The toothbrush appears have blue, white, and yellow on the stationary part of the brush. The brush of the toothbrush has a glorified glow behind it in white. The bottom left of the ad has what appears to be a dentist holding a toothbrush and holding up his index finger. There are a lot of different pieces of texts throughout the ad. The bottom of the ad has the words “New Colgate” and “Extra CLEAN.” It also has the words “new soft tongue c...

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...ducts for the holiday is all about eating candy. In an article on the website Reuter published on Halloween of 2015, the author states, “Colgate 's total sales fell 8.7 percent…” Although the company has very meaningful advertisements, they are falling behind on sales on what seems to be the most important time of the year for them. Colgate needs to come up with more advertisements that will help them succeed in their sales.
In conclusion, Colgate’s advertisement used Logos, Pathos, and Ethos to reveal to the world that they have the best toothbrush out there. Their advertisement persuades everyone who has teeth to go out and buy their new product which is a toothbrush. The advertisement used Ethos, Logos, and Pathos to persuade viewers to buy their product. Although throughout the years, they’ve extended their products, their sales have gone down significantly.

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