Rhetorical Analysis Of Coldplay 's ' Paradise ' Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Of Coldplay 's ' Paradise ' Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of Coldplay’s “Paradise”
In Coldplay’s song, “Paradise”, the songwriters use exaggerative language, personification, and rhetorical techniques to tell the story of a little girl’s escape from the harshness and disappointment of reality. The listeners of this song are treated to a beautifully written story about a girl’s maturity through the struggles and disappointment that life has offered to her. Some of the most effective ways that the songwriters explain the plight of the girl are when they attach the listener emotionally with her plight through their use of exaggerated language and personification. Ultimately, the girl copes with her situation and shows signs of maturity; which, enforces the emotional connection that the audience feels with her.
This story is told through the use of many different techniques of writing, including, one of the most emotionally gripping, personification. The use of a line such as “When she was just a girl she expected the world but it flew away from her reach” (lines 1-2) gives the listener a childlike view on the situation, which, allows the listener to relate to and, subsequently, connect themselves to the song’s protagonist. Personification is also used in other lines such as, “Life goes on, it gets so heavy the wheel breaks the butterfly every tear a waterfall” (lines 12-14), where the band’s use of personification is paired with dramatic exaggerative language and dark imagery, which, helps to allow the listener to share the overwhelmed and dramatic feeling that the protagonist possesses. The personification of life being so heavy that it breaks her spirit “Life goes on it gets so heavy, the wheel breaks the butterfly” (lines 12-14) is especially effective at explain...

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...established happiness and maturity. Ultimately, this progression from disappointed to
In conclusion, in the song “Paradise” the writers use common rhetorical techniques to establish both an emotional connection between the listener and the protagonist, and, an aesthetic connection to the environment created by the protagonist in response to her disappointment and lack of happiness with the world around her. Many of the rhetorical techniques used within this song are repeated throughout the passage; and one of the more effective techniques used is the writer’s masterful use of dramatic language. The uses of dramatic language in this song, paired with some examples of differentiating tones and imagery, give the listener an intense emotional connection to the protagonist and intensifies the relatable response that the listener has during the chorus of the song.

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