Essay about Rhetorical Analysis Of Advertisements And Television Commercial

Essay about Rhetorical Analysis Of Advertisements And Television Commercial

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This is a compare and contrast rhetorical analysis paper focusing on a print billboard advertisement and television commercial. The billboard advertisement is centered on a smoking death count, sponsored by several heart research associations. In addition, the television Super Bowl commercial illustrates how irresistible Doritos are, set in an ultrasound room with a couple and their unborn child. The following paragraphs will go in depth to interpret the pathos, logos, and ethos of both the billboard and the television advertisements.
Clark (2016) suggests that rhetoric isn’t limited to oral communication, but currently has a permanent foothold in written works: magazine or newspaper excerpts, novels, and scientific reports. Not only written works, but also reaching into visuals: children’s cartoons, video games, television, movies, billboards, and the Internet all have persuasive communication silently woven in. Being aware of how rhetoric is advertised in everyday life presents the opportunity to change people’s views and influence others to reevaluate their ideas. By doing all this, rhetoric can lead to large-scale response. By prompting response, rhetoric has the opportunity to transform cultures through pathos logos, and ethos (Clark, 2016).
Pathos is rhetoric dealing with emotion using visuals or words to arouse a particular emotion from the audience. Specifically, pathos is a way of convincing an audience of an argument or opinion by evoking a specific emotional response. An example of this is the billboard advertisement displaying the current count of deaths due to smoking. Emotion is elicited when looking at the ever-rising number of deaths; the graphic attached to the billboard electronically keeps tabs on the stead...

... middle of paper ... obtained by studying different cults. Frontline takes an in-depth look at the multibillion-dollar “persuasion industries” of advertising and how this rhetoric affects everyone. So whether this is in the form of a television commercial or a billboard, pathos, logos, and ethos can be found in all advertisements.
Paragraph 7: Conclusion
Rhetoric is easily seen when comparing and contrasting these two forms of advertisement, as was proven. Between the Doritos commercial and the smoking billboard, examples of pathos, logos, and ethos were not hard to find. Both advertisements, though, were different in their ways of expressing rhetoric. Therefore, analyzing them individually was not the challenge, but choosing which manipulated rhetoric the best was hard. In general, it is important to recognize and interpret the pathos, logos, and ethos in all things and people.

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