Rhetorical Analysis : My College Application Essay

Rhetorical Analysis : My College Application Essay

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Rhetorical Situation is something that all writers do in order to summon an audience in their writing. When I think about my own writing, I think about how the rhetorical situation has helped shape my own writing, I can recall specific essays such as my college application that really exhibits how the rhetorical situation has helped me get my point across and shape my writing. Last year when I was applying to multiple colleges I had to write an essay that would show the people in admissions why I should be accepted into their school. I remember specifically the essay that I had to write for the University of Central Florida college application where I pulled out everything that I had in me to make it the best essay possible. During the process of writing my college application I was able to use the rhetorical situation to help shape my writing be the best it could be.
When I started writing my college essay I was mainly motivated by the fact that I really wanted to get accepted into University of Central Florida and how much I wanted to impress the people reading my paper. I remember the question that I had to answer in my essay was “If there has been some obstacle or bump in the road in your academic or personal life, please explain the circumstances.” Another thing was how it could be no more than 500 words or 7,000 characters. At the time when I wrote this it was last year and I was still a senior in high school and very eager to get into a university. Since I was so desperate to impress my audience I had to make sure that everything I wanted express went into those 500 words. I even went very personal in my essay talking about my childhood and the “bumps in the road” that I overcame in my life. For example in my writing I...

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...ed to them that if I could go through all the obstacles I have had in my life and still come out on the winning end, then logically I would be a good student for the school and the audience could understand that.
While analyzing my college application essay I could actively see how the rhetorical situation actually did help shape my writing. It helped me understand the process that I went through consciously or unconsciously in order to help make my essay stand out in the pile of other essays that my audience was reading. My main exigence during my writing was how much I wanted to get the point across and how much I wanted to impress my audience. The rhetorical situation is a part of writing that all writers do in order to summon an audience in their writing. Every writer has something that they want to get across through the text and the rhetorical situation helps.

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