Essay on Rhetorical Analysis : ' Critical Thinking, Reading And Writing

Essay on Rhetorical Analysis : ' Critical Thinking, Reading And Writing

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Aristotle defined rhetoric as "the faculty of discovering in any particular case all of the available means of persuasion" (American Rhetoric). Numerous rhetoric principals were utilized in the research presented by the students in English 287. In this review I will categorize the presentation by the way the presenter attempted to persuade the audience to agree with their argument. The rhetorical triangle will be used to classify if an element of a presentation applied to the pathos, ethos, or logos side of the triangle.
In Greek logos means “word” or “reason”, in rhetoric logos appeals to reason, logos is the first corner of the triangle that I will be discussing. In Barnet and Bedau’s book entitled “Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing: A Brief Guide to Argument” they list physical evidence, the testimony of experts, common sense and probability as things that appeal to reason or logos (Barnet 73). Every presenter had a logos elements in their presentations, however I will only be detailing how the first four presenters appealed to logos. The first presenter, Jonathan, presented evidence of “Water Scarcity in Hawai‘i”, he did this by quoting relevant sources of research that supported his argument. Ricky, and Michelle’s presentations appealed to logos in the same fashion. Ricky and Michelle both presented on issues that are currently impacting our ocean. Ricky’s presentation, which was entitled “From Flush to Fish”, employed the use of diagrams, images, and statistics as evidence. While Michelle used imagery, and statistics, to argue her stance in her presentation discussing coral bleaching. The last presenter of this particular day, Larry, appealed to logos in a different manner. He utilized common sense and probability to s...

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...nt that appealed to ethos.
In conclusion, the students of English 287 utilized many rhetoric principles while presenting their research projects. Jonathan, Ricky, and Michelle appealed to logos by quoting relevant sources of research that supported their argument, while Larry appealed to logos by supporting his argument with common sense and probability. Though many presentations had aspects that appealed to pathos, Bear, Lukella, and Kaitlyn optimized their argument by effectively appealing to pathos. They accomplished this by utilizing imagery, statistics, and stories that related to their argument and connected emotionally with their audience. Finally, every presentation appealed to ethos in some form, however one presentation successfully appealed to ethos by conveying trustworthiness, credibility, and moral character. This presentation was presented by Cullen.

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