Rhetoric Analysis On ' Georgetown ' Essay

Rhetoric Analysis On ' Georgetown ' Essay

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Rhetoric analysis of the website on ‘Georgetown’

While studying the rhetoric concepts, I came across this sit on ‘Georgetown’. The site is meant to lure more and more visitors to Georgetown’ and enhance tourism. Rhetoric concept is not only used in writing but is used by advertising companies too to bring out the best and sell something in the best possible manner through lucrative advertisements. All that is presented through ‘rhetoric concept’ might not be true as at times, the core elements of rhetoric concept ‘ethos, logos and pathos’ might be presented in a deceiving manner too. This paper analysis the website on ‘Georgetown’ considering all its rhetoric elements and elucidates how the usage of rhetoric elements succeeds in attracting the audience or customers.
In order to explain the above point, I’ll explain the concept of ‘Rhetoric’ first and
then, provide an analysis on the main elements of ‘rhetoric concept’ and explain how each has been skilfully used in the ‘Georgetown’ website.
Aristotle defines ‘rhetoric’ as an ‘Art of persuasion’ in Plato’s Republic. It pertains to a skilful, effective and persuasive way of speaking, writing or explaining a concept. Most of the times, it is perceived by people as a smart way to misguide or deceive people. It is considered to be without any meaning and insincere presentation of facts. This in fact, is not true about rhetoric – on the contrary, it helps as a powerful tool to understand what all elements should be used to make the writing, speech or presentation more precise, meaningful and effective so that information is able to target the right set of audience.
For instance, the ‘rhetoric’ contexts such as purpose, audience and genre allows a wri...

... middle of paper ...

...nery of the town – which makes the audience interested in the place.
The writer has appropriately used words too- ‘..in the heart of picturesque Georgetown’, make the reader go through the entire website and know more about it. Writer also emphasis the big brands that have stores in the town to lure shoppers and also tells them about DC’s first “cat cafe” which provides 75 minutes of snuggles along with dozens of adoptable fur balls. The information seems authentic, effective and ethical as information is not exaggerated and is provided on the official website of DC. So, all points that he provides to visit Georgetown work effectively and are blended well.
This website provides an excellent blend of all the elements of rhetoric – ethos, pathos and logos and the illustrations are an additional advantage and works well in connecting the audience to the place discussed.

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