Rhetoric - An Underappreciated Way Of Being By Carl Roger Essay

Rhetoric - An Underappreciated Way Of Being By Carl Roger Essay

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Rhetoric is innate in nature because there is always some form of persuasion in communication. Rhetoric is essentially persuasion over value, which can be communicated through any type of discourse written, verbal, or nonverbal. If something is significant enough to be argued or even stated, it must have some degree of importance. Because rhetoric is everything, understanding how it influences us, helps us better understand how we work.
Carl Roger’s article “Empathetic: An Underappreciated Way of Being,” examines the rhetoric of emotions. On the surface level, rhetoric is simply persuasion, thus implying some degree of written or verbal communication. In reality, however, this is equally apparent in non-verbal situations because body language and tone creates an unspoken language that is potentially more powerful than the written and spoken word. Therefore, being empathetic towards others helps understand the underlying meaning behind their words. By “locat[ing] power in the person, not the expert,” the listener is able to understand others’ as they see themselves (Rogers 104). Furthermore, Rogers notes that frequently, the most powerful dialogue is within the unspoken word. He encourages others to listen for feelings rather than just for information when a person is speaking (Rogers 103). Consequently, people feel like they are being understood and valued. Therefore, “high degree of empathy in a relationship is possibly the most potent… factors in bringing about change and learning” (Rogers 104). More often than not, the unspoken language carries much more weight than the meaning of the words themselves. Therefore, genuinely listening to one another with one’s whole self is the most beneficial because it gives people a deeper i...

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...e probably wouldn’t say that it is ok to discriminate against gun owners because they pose a threat to national security. Why? Because many Trump supporters either are gun owners or know some personally. These people know that the majority of legal gun owners are not serial killers. On the other hand, many of these people are not necessarily Muslim nor do they know of many personally. Therefore, it is easy to oversimplify the terrorism crisis by lumping all Muslims into the “national threat” category. A gun owner is more likely to stand up against discrimination against personal firearm owners because he/she values the second amendment. On the other hand, a Trump supporter may value national security more than he/she does religious freedom. Therefore, it is easier to simply objectify others as an “it” in order to distance and desensitize themselves towards injustice.

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