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The author, David Treure, Ojibwe from Leech Lack Reservation in northern Minnesota, grew up on the reservation. He describes the Rez Life by using people’s stories and somehow connects these stories with historic evens. There are over three hundreds Indian reservations in the United States according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. When you go to one of these, you will see the sign of welcome. The Rez is not much different from others. The landscape is the same. The fields, lacks, pines, swamps are the same. The houses just a little smaller and ramshackle. Kids who play on the streets are darker than other. Most of cars seem older. There might have something else that are different because Rez has its own culture.
   Not all the Indians have reservations, but all reservations have Indians. Those reservations settled at the areas usually don’t communicate with outside world a lot in more than thirty of the states. Most of reservations are poor, but there still some of them are rich. Indian lands makes up 2.3 percent of the lands in the united States. Reservation life tells its own story. Many Indians and non-Indians think this story usually is the story of tragedy. Life on the rez is hard, violent, criminal, poor and short. By thinking about what they have lost and what they have survived, the conflicts between whites and Indians are more than Indians and Indians. This is one of the hardship in Rez life. Besides all these unfortunates, the Rez life is all right.
   When a native author Greg Sams said that the reservations are just “red ghettos”, the author David disagree with that. He thinks there must be something else beyond that point. After his grandfather died, he somehow changed his mind. Because he could not think anything e...

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...own hunting and fishing laws that control bag limits, seasons and harvest methods.
   Eating wild rice, hunting and fishing can be the essential evens for Indians who are living on reservations. The culture itself represents the beauty of Indian’s life. Rez life could be violent, harsh when the economy goes down; when whites enter their life without asking. When they fight with whites over something that has to do with its own policy and rights. Life could be simple and happy, when everybody in the rez doing their own business and keep their own briefs. The history was rare, but real life is wild. Non-Indians who like us, don't know much about Rez life, but after reading this book, we all can find out the real meaning of the welcome sign!

Works Cited

Treuer, David. Rez life: an Indian's journey through reservation life. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 2012.

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