Essay on Rewriting the Bible

Essay on Rewriting the Bible

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Pink Cross Publishing is revising a gay Bible that will hit the shelves in a matter of weeks. Instead of portraying the common couples of the Bible: Adam and Eve, Mary and Joseph, and Samson and Delilah, there is now Adam and Steve, Mary and Josephine, and Samantha and Delilah. All of Jesus’ disciples will be gay except Judas, and Satan will be straight. Children’s workbooks are also being made to accompany this Bible ("Dead Serious News"). There are many people who are trying to rewrite the Bible for a variety of reasons. In the world, there are many translations of the Bible that are different from revised or rewritten Bibles. Translations attempt to keep the original idea while a revision takes the original idea and changes it into what a person wants it to say. Paraphrases and didactic or literal translations are more direct translations that intend to stay true to the original meaning. The Bible should not be rewritten.
Revision of Bibles appears to be a way that people are able to find satisfaction in religion. It seems to allow different viewpoints of the Bible to become apparent from all walks of life. The Gay Bible demonstrates this. However, this is wrong. Revision lets people say what they want to say instead of what it started out as. Rewriting scriptures is making it into a person’s image to how he or she likes it (qtd. in Vidimos). It cannot be looped with paraphrasing and didactic or literal translations because these focus on keeping the original thought. The Message Bible is a paraphrase that has helped many to understand Christ better. Its intent is to be compared side by side with the Bible and embellish it.
Rewriting the Bible undermines its original intended meaning. With each revision, the meaning that b...

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...s distorted by authors who are not qualified in writing it and the chance for a soul to be transformed by the Word of God is lost. There are many works out there that misrepresent the image of God and His word. People take it and mold it into what they want it to be, and what they need to hear. There must be an understanding of the importance of God’s word. In order to preserve the Bible for future generations, the Bible must stay intact in its original form, translated rather than rewritten.

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