Essay on Rewrite the Code: A Stand Againist the Death Penalty

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Rewriting the Code
The code of Hammurabi states an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth a life for a life. This law was written in 1750 B.C and even at that time the law was considered an extreme, but this is the 21st century and we consider ourselves civilized yet we live by such a barbaric code by enforcing the death penalty. In this day and age the death penalty is unnecessary because it costs too much to the state and to the taxpayer, it barbaric, and ineffective in deterring crime.
This amount of taxes people pay in this country is a lot and nobody wants that money wasted.The death penalty raises a lot of unnecessary costs for the state and for tax payers, from the cost of each appeal, court costs and the costs of lawyers. When convicted and put on death row inmates are held for twenty years. For twenty years they sit in death row before anything can be done because they have to be processed. During the waiting time there are many appeals made by the inmates and these appeals require a court, lawyers, judges and other things which run a bill. This process is done numerous times because let’s face not that many people exactly want to die especially the one that are wrongly convicted. Each time this is done it costs the state and tax payer’s millions. While they are convicted the inmates are also sent to a separate facility where extra guards assigned. During this time waiting to be put to death they still have to be fed and taken care of. Muha Da author from “Capital Punishment: Time to Abandon it” points out that this costs”… the US justice system an extra one billion dollars a year (, 5).” this is more than any other prisoner on a life sentence. It would be cheaper to send these prisoners to life sentences with a limited num...

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Borowitz, Albert I. "'Under Sentence Of Death'." American Bar Association Journal 64.8 (1978):
1259. Academic Search Complete. Web. 27 Nov. 2013.
In the article “Under the sentence of death {“by Albert I. Borowitz. He states that when the death penalty was introduced during in London during the golden ages it was not a good deterrence for criminals, but instead it served as amusement for the middle and upper class in society
Das, Mahua. "Capital Punishment: Time To Abandon It? (Cover Story)." Hinduism Today 28.4 (2006): 58-62.
In the article “Capital Punishment time to abandon it?” by Mahua Das she reasons that the death penalty is ineffective. She even point out several different countries that have banned the death penalty and have had lower crime rate because of it. She then downs about is costs of it and the rational against the death penalty.

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