The Reward Elements Of The Work Environment Essay examples

The Reward Elements Of The Work Environment Essay examples

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Literature Review
The support reward elements in the work environment is a term used to explain total rewards (Stanz, Bussin, & Smit, 2015). A total rewards strategy is important to employers because it can improve human resources results. A total reward benefit program can retain and maintain employees at a company. These rewards can help an employee stay motivated with organizations objectives regarded. On the other hand, employees are more liable to stay at a company that is an asset to this generation. The lack of rewards will create an unpleasant environment, thus diminishing employees’ work efforts and may cause them to withdraw from their jobs (Bustamama, Tenga, & Abdullah, 2014). A total rewards benefit program strategically address employer issues regarding compensation philosophies and compensation responsibilities.
Traditionalists (Silent Generation)
Traditionalists who are in the workforce are employed temporary or part-time. Most of them are busy with part-time or temporary work in order for them to keep busy after retirement. Traditionalist have different work ethics and principles from other generations. They believe that organizational objectives and goals are priority and that training should contribute to those them. This generation characteristics includes being conservative, hardworking, work-related rules, and order. Therefore, they look for different workplace benefits and total rewards packages. They supports benefits such as security, safety, and dependability in their work lives. Traditionalists are motivated on accomplishing workplace tasks derived from intangible and intrinsic factors.
Traditionalist values nonmonetary benefits versus monetary benefits. Therefore, an employer can offer...

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...r retraining mature workers may be more cost-effective for an organization than recruiting, hiring, onboarding, socializing and training new hires (Paullin, 2014). In addition, employers can accommodate personal scheduling needs, work and life balance concerns along with nontraditional lifestyles as a way to retain employees.
In conclusion, a total reward benefit program can effectively lead employees with positive employment results. It can develop interpersonal skills for the organization. Many organizations face difficulties in identifying the types of rewards that are more preferable and more appropriate in order to increase employees’ job satisfaction (Bustamama, Tenga, & Abdullah, 2014). Employers would be more successful in their organization with a total rewards program. A total rewards package benefit employers and employees in the workplace.

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