Essay about Revolutionized Communication: The Cell Phone

Essay about Revolutionized Communication: The Cell Phone

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Revolutionized Communication: The Cell Phone
The emerging technologies of the century have greatly affected how people interact personally and professionally. From 1990 to 2010, mobile phone users grew from 12 million to over 4 billion worldwide; in fact, almost 90 percent of households in America have a mobile phone (Wortham). The creation of the mobile phone marked a new era for America and the world. Phones have evolved from the “bag phone” to the BlackBerry, and will forever change the way a society communicates. In the beginning of mobile phones, people could make a call from their car to confirm an appointment or talk with a peer traveling to work. Now, the way meetings are planned, work schedules are given, movies are watched, and information is researched have all been effected by the change in the mobile phone.
The mobile phone has created another dimension, a dimension in which everything is accessible. The mobile phone has simplified knowledge into a 2 inch LCD screen plus a QWERTY keyboard that people call their cell phone. It took over thirty-five years of innovation to carry around a device that reveals answers within seconds, calls across the world, and fits the World Wide Web on an extremely small screen. The various advancements have not only been seen in the palm of America’s hand, the affects stretch to school systems, families, and relationships.
School systems have taken a disturbing turn into violence over the past decade and parents have become less comfortable leaving their children in this environment. Now, children have a resource at their fingertips, an answer to all their questions, and a device that carries almost half-a-century’s hard work right in their pocket. When a bomb threat is given, a gun ...

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...pacts it has. The cell phone changed the way people access information, use language, but most importantly the way people communicate. It is true that mobile phones are having an impact on the youth. With billions of people across the world using and interacting daily with people who use cell phones,**

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