Revolutionary Writers : The Revolutionary War Essay

Revolutionary Writers : The Revolutionary War Essay

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During the time period in which the American Revolution occurred, situations were dire, and the general public was in need of persuasion and motivation regarding the war. Those reluctant to see the blatant necessity to go to war needed further persuasion, and those losing hope during the seemingly bleak war needed the drive to continue. With these emotions at hand, authors of the revolutionary period, realizing the urgent need for action, wrote to inspire. Writing to inspire requires a vast variety of strategies, some of which appeal to certain audiences of the time. Through the time period, powerful, descriptive literary devices, such as metaphor, imagery, repetition to name a few, were vitally important in reigniting the passion to keep fighting among the colonists; at the same time, those very devices helped illustrate the inevitability of the war and inspired those unconvinced to go and fight the Revolutionary War.
Throughout the literary era, many pieces took on rhetorical devices such as rhetorical questions in order to incorporate the audience more effectively. Of the many devices used, the use of rhetorical questions in The Crisis by Thomas Paine serves as the most important in the piece because of how well it plays with the reader’s emotions. Studies have shown that the use of rhetorical questions which have high relevance in the lives of the audience result in enhanced persuasion to the readers, and Paine captures this idea throughout the passage as a whole. He states, “but if a thief break into my house...and kill or threaten to kill me… am I to suffer it? (Paine 3). Paine leaves the answer painstakingly obvious while capturing the situation between the colonies and Great Britain, showi...

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...evolutionary Era are represented by two main goals, one to inspire and the other to persuade. Writers such as Paine wrote to inspire colonists to continue to fight and strive to win the war while Jefferson tried to persuade the nation into going to war. These goals required similar meticulous strategies, ones that not only relate to the audience by fabricating certain emotions and viewpoints but also ones that make their arguments more convincing. Specific examples further helped the cause to inspire and motivate would be the use of imagery, diction, metaphors, and repetition as they assisted with the fullness of comprehension among the readers. By providing readers with relatable images and ideas, the authors expertly gives readers the concrete ideals that they are trying to portray, which makes Revolutionary Writing such an effective era in the nation’s history.

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