The Revolutionary War Affected The Enslaved African Americans Essays

The Revolutionary War Affected The Enslaved African Americans Essays

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The Revolutionary War affected the enslaved African Americans in numerous of ways. The free African American families disappeared and went into hiding. The war allowed the slaves the opportunity to run away from their masters. A large debate stemmed from the Revolutionary War in reference to the slaves and being enslaved. The slave owners did not want to fight because they knew that they would have to leave to go fight and feared their families might be murdered by the slaves (Pavao, E., 2010).

However, the slaves wanted to fight for their freedom and do whatever it took to become free. The Revolutionary War was a war that was fought for the freedom and justice for all and the debate was in full motion on whether or not the African Americans would be allowed to fight in the war. Eventually slavery was abolished in the North and all the enslaved became free. It was easier to abolish slavery in the north because they did not utilize that many slaves on the plantations to work for them. But no matter what they still did not provide the African Americans with their rights and felt as if the African Americans did not deserve to possess equal rights as the whites (Holt & Brown, 2000).

The revolutionary era created an avenue for slaves to start communicating more with their masters. Even though the war opened the door for slaves to run away it also created opportunities to fight for equality. Several informal networks were created such as gossip and word of mouth. Many slave owners discussed their business around their slaves and this created that avenue of communication. The slaves knew that this was their opportunity to gain momentum in their efforts to become free. Manumission was created and this was an option that slave owners an...

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...Americans and blacks were beneath them and did not deserve equal rights and so did the northerners even though they abolished slavery. The British helped open the doors for the slaves to fight for their freedom and let their actions speak for their feelings, their pain, and their oppression. Truly speaking, it was an immediate reaction for at least ten thousand blacks to join up with the British and a large number escaped from their slave owners as well. After this war the Underground Railroad assisted with ending slavery but the Revolutionary War triggered the attention around the globe and the British are to thank for this (Pavao, E., 2010).

Thomas C. Holt and Elsa Barkley Brown. Major Problems in African American History Volume
1: From Slavery to Freedom 1619 -1877

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