The Revolutionary Era And The American Revolution Essay

The Revolutionary Era And The American Revolution Essay

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In the late 1700’s a time period known as the Revolutionary Era (The American Revolution) occurred. Historians view this time as a turning point between Americans and the British. As the White Americans fought to gain independence, so were African Americans during that time. Throughout the Revolutionary Era, African Americans played a huge role in the battle for independence. Although Blacks helped influence the outcome of the war, their contributions remained unacknowledged. Without the help of blacks the outcome of the war would 've been completely different.
Prior to this occurrence, the founding fathers went to extreme measures to make sure that Blacks remained enslaved. This could be a reason as to why some slaves went to fight alongside the British instead of the patriots As the Revolution drew closer a handful of slaves who volunteered to fight for the patriots were liberated. While other either joined the British or were free due to Christian Piety. I believe that the Patriots freed some slaves, to help gain support from African Americans. Unfortunately, following the American Revolution the slavery of African Americans remained as an ongoing crisis for many more years to come.

The actions of African Americans helped bring about the American Revolution in many ways. They helped because of the skill sets that they could contribute to the war effort. Prior to the war, slaves were valued because of the money that they could obtain for their slave masters. The common slave was probably very strong and developed skills as a master craftsmen, seamen and etc. All this means strength and power to either side in which they would enlist. It seems that they had experience and also a special skills as they had fought alongside th...

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...enry goes on to exemplify this issue. Two year prior from his famous speech where he exclaims about how if he doesn’t achieve liberty than he would rather die, he made a statement regarding slaves right to freedom. Henry communicates with a Quaker by the name of Robert Pleasants, that he feels that blacks have every right to be free but he wouldn’t want to free any personal slaves that he owns (Holton, Document 7).

In conclusion, by the end of the revolutionary era blacks were believed to be closer to total freedom than ever before. However, conditions for them worsened through the years leading up to the Civil War period. Nevertheless, the contributions made by African Americans in the American Revolution is key when interpreting America 's past. We must not ignore the deeds that were done by these people because without the outcome would be completely different.

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