The Revolution Of The Country 's Civil Unrest Essay

The Revolution Of The Country 's Civil Unrest Essay

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By placing such a bloody fate just over the horizon, 1979 Revolution maintained a constant sense of dread as I navigated Reza, a likable young photographer, through the streets of Tehran. Roped into a diverse circle of revolutionaries by his close friend, Babak, Reza finds himself in the midst of the revolution’s most impassioned demonstrations and the sharp men and women at the forefront. His initial caution and confusion is your own as you learn to diligently navigate the heated politics and dangers of the country’s civil unrest, an adventure that drew me in with the amount of careful detail put into the people and places.

I loved seeing the heart and soul of Iran, even during this tumultuous time, on full display.

From the lone, banner-waving protester atop the pedestal where the Shah’s statue once stood, to the mass of praying figures in the middle of a deserted street, the spirit of the revolution is rendered with much-appreciated respect for the time and place. That’s true even when certain elements were clearly condensed down for the sake of encompassing as much of the historical event as possible, like representing every prominent political party with a single character, or packing a single city street with examples of protest both pacifistic and more riotous.

The Future of Iran
Despite that, I loved seeing the heart and soul of Iran, even during this tumultuous time, on full display. Half my family hails from Iran and experienced the revolution first hand, so my personal attachment to the events represented in 1979 Revolution is strong. I felt chills watching the opening credits, which juxtaposes live-action footage from the revolution against innocent home movies and in-game footage. In an opening chapter, I even re...

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...rong performances that carried the story, allowing me to look past some of 1979’s more unpolished elements and indulge in what it does well, one of which is bringing a ton of heart and surprising amounts of honesty to each character. From the optimistic revolutionaries who believe in peaceful protest to an ex-Mujahideen with more violent tendencies, 1979 never once shies away from showing the good, the bad, and the ugly in everyone. It might never go too deep into the specific politics of each party, but the web of clashing character motivations and distinct personalities on display were enough to illustrate how complex and multilayered the revolution really was. This is an event that reshaped Iran forever, one with effects still being felt today, worldwide, and 1979 Revolution does it justice both on a fictional storytelling level and an educational one.

The Verdict

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