Essay on The Revolution Against Standardized Testing

Essay on The Revolution Against Standardized Testing

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Will Roach
Casey Richardson
English 102
March 2, 2015
The Revolution Against Standardized Testing
The education system in the United States is under a great deal of pressure with many students and school districts not willing to stand with standardized testing anymore. A structure of a test, which is considered the evaluation of a student’s process, determines weather he or she is prepared to move on up the education level. Although, the situation about this test are whether they are fair to the students and the diversified school system. According to some articles, standardized testing has defaults in the categories of students working harder, the lack of English speaking students, and the significant payments from tax payers for a failing system. Does standardized testing benefit the education of America or has the faults started to progress. is a website which provides facts behind standardized testing both positively and negatively in America. This information comes from numerous schools testimony across the nation to address their opinions about the test. The chosen topic for this situation is, “Is the use of Standardized Tests improving Education in America?”(ProCon) which views the logical and personal aspects of the test. ProCon picks up one of the views on why America promotes standardized testing in their education system, according to statistics, “China has along tradition of standardized testing and leads the world in educational achievement”(ProCon). With a proven pathway to success by China, America has promoted standardized testing to strengthen the education system and ideally be a major factor of the worlds schooling system. Although, China has a very low diversified population compared to the United...

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...tudents? I had mentioned earlier in this essay that China’s school system, which uses standardized testing, is the leading education in the world. It seems Kohn does not appreciate the fact America is trying to plug in a forever-long tradition China holds with standardized testing into its school system so they will magically become the worlds top education system.
The dilemma with standardized testing has impacted America’s education on the decision whether are not to keep the examination. Determining intelligent by a result of a single exam limits many students who have potential to succeed. The amount of time put into this has stressed students into not being eligible to move up the education level. High pressure from America’s high officials involves schools to “improve” results. Will the future of the education system change over time with the next generation?

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