Reviewing The Cases That The Volunteers Will Be A For The Four Cases Essay

Reviewing The Cases That The Volunteers Will Be A For The Four Cases Essay

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In reviewing the cases that the volunteers will be reenacting for the four cases, I have briefly done a case study and my briefings are below for the cases. There are four cases that will be documented below with references back to the information that I have reviewed. The student version of writing a case brief is referenced for a summary of the case and not all the details in full depth (John Jay College for Criminal Justice, 1999).
Granholm v. Heald
The facts about this eight-year old case is that small wineries were not able to sell to individual consumers directly (Findlaw, 2016b). The state was arguing the fact about the 21st constitution that stated about prohibition of alcoholic beverages being transported or imported into any state. The relevant issue in this case would be, that constitution was written before the ratification in 1933, which ended the Prohibition in the United States. In further research the 21st amendment granting the regulatory power to the states over alcoholic beverages does not override the Dormant Commerce Clause doctrine. The document evolved from many decisions from the Supreme Court, that states do not have the power to force anticompetitive laws that discriminate against sellers in other states without prior permission. The reasoning for the states to argue the law and their interpretation is that it might hinder the selling and the shipment of alcoholic beverages to minors. The Supreme Court ruled that the states laws were unconstitutional and the ruling was 5-4 as it being unconstitutional. The effect that it had on the wineries was that this allowed them to sell to the individual consumer and the smaller wineries would still have the availability to operate as a small business.
Gibbons v. O...

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...n. The issue with this is where the law clearly states not for profit organizations are exempt from the law. The classification of Hobby Lobby is a for profit organization and was not considered to be covered by that law. The understanding of the law and reading is applying to corporations since they are composed of individuals that use them to achieve the desired decision of contraceptives. The courts ruled that the religious beliefs of the store should be considered. The holdings of the case were heard by the Supreme Court and the information clearly was showing that the constitutional rights of the employer were not being attributed too. The impact of the company is that they are not having to cover the contraceptives that are mandated by the government. The company also has the right to not have that in their policy that they must cover the abortion of a fetus.

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