Reviewing Effects of Physical Appearance on Perception of Strangers Essay

Reviewing Effects of Physical Appearance on Perception of Strangers Essay

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Aspects of Face-to-Trait Inferences
As indicated by data, the way we treat and interpret others is based upon their appearance (Agnew, 1984). Researchers seek to understand how inferences can be made simply by another’s outward appearance or level of attractiveness. (Cogsdill, Todorov, Speike, & Banaji, 2014). Among this research, numerous studies have been conducted to understand why this phenomenon exists. Studies have suggested that face-to-trait inferences can be made within fifty milliseconds after exposure to a persons face (Todorov, Pakrashi, & Oosterhof, 2009). These specific character attributions are present cross-culturally and globally (Cogsdill et al., 2009). In order to accurately analyze face-to-trait inferences, researchers attempt to conduct studies where limited variables are present. Thus, the test subject must make inferences on another simply by their facial attractiveness. These studies have sought to examine the accuracy of personality judgments based on only photographs (Naumann et al., 2009) This studied yielded promising findings that revealed substantial accuracy in face-to-trait inferences. It should be noted, however, that there are limitations to studies such as the one previously mentioned. These studies focus exclusively on facial attractiveness, instead of physical attractiveness as a whole (Naumann et al., 2009).
Facial and Bodily Attractiveness
The bulk of research information pertaining to level of attractiveness and personality is largely based on facial beauty alone. Rarely can one find research pertaining to both facial and bodily level of attractiveness. However, a small group of researchers have attempted to study how inferences are made when basing level of attractiveness on the...

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