Essay about Review : Yourself Performance Reviews

Essay about Review : Yourself Performance Reviews

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Yourself performance reviews. These reviews wouldn’t replace a traditional review but act as a supplement. The colleague and their supervisor set goals for the month or quarter and after the month ends the colleague evaluates themselves. How did they do? What are areas of opportunity? What tools do you need to be successful? These are examples of questions to the colleague can ask themselves. To make it work the colleague needs to 1.) Evaluate large and small goals. 2.) Ensure they understand how aspect of their work relates to the larger purpose. 3.) Must be honest with self. Be brutally honest. Another way to get feedback is peer to peer feedback. At Horn and Associates, engineering firm, any colleague can award another colleague with a fifty dollar bonus. These bonuses are not contingent on anything. Since it comes from another colleague vs a boss it makes a difference in the meaning. By doing something like this you put feedback in the control of people closest to the action.
As discussed with Type X behavior it is focused on control. Type I behavior looks to relinquish control. This goes back to an element of a person’s drive and that is autonomy. The following are a few examples the book gave how letting go can benefit an organization.
• Involve people in goal setting- research shows that people more likely to obtain a goal if they were apart of creating the goal.
• Use noncontrolling language- use words that allow the person to have a choice and willing engage in action. So instead of using “must” try “think about”.
• Hold office hours- be available for people to speak w/ you. Block out time in the calendar and let the colleagues know of these hours. I have done this myself and it has eliminated issues that have escalate...

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...bout the rise and fall of Motivation. Motivation 1.0 was survival. Motivation 2.0 was built around extrinsic rewards and consequences. Motivation 2.0 works for routine work but as business as technology has evolved this type of motivation no longer works. As these “if-then” rewards can diminish motivation, performance and creativity. The birth of Motivation 3.0 is the upgrade. It focuses on intrinsic motivations. The book discussed Type X and Type I behaviors. Motivation 2.0 fostered Type X behavior and Motivation 3.0 is fostering Type I behaviors. Type I behaviors focuses less on extrinsic rewards and focuses more on internal satisfaction and fulfillment. We also learned the three elements of Type I behavior and they were autonomy, mastery and purpose. These elements make up Motivation 3.0. We desire to have on self-direction, engagement and serve a greater cause.

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