Review : ' Weekly Self Sym ' Essay

Review : ' Weekly Self Sym ' Essay

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Weekly Self S.O.A.P - A.

S- Discuss your SUBJECTIVE feelings for this week:
I went back to familiar ground this week in Med -Surg. I think I did pretty well considering I went into it a little more full force than most of the students. I had three patients instead of the normal two for the first day. It did take me the full day to acclimate myself with the unit. Coming out of ICU, I did find it easier to follow and change the IVs that the patient’s had. I was struggling a little bit with the report to the lead. There is not a lot of time to research three patient’s information before night shift handoff report and getting medications for the patient before they are due. Friday was a little chaotic since the unit was short staffed and two of my patients had to get ready for surgeries and one patient was being discharged. We were also moving patients around because of some patients needing separate rooms. I thought that was interesting seeing how the lead nurse decided which patients could share rooms or bathrooms.
O - Discuss an OBJECTIVE summary of interventions and skills...

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