Review Standards Of Thinking On Trespassing Sign Problem Essay

Review Standards Of Thinking On Trespassing Sign Problem Essay

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Review Standards of Thinking on Trespassing Sign Problem
It is clear that there is a disagreement on the need for a no trespassing sign in the yard of a shared family home, in the small mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado. There are compelling arguments which make posting a sign a better option than just relying on a fence; however, how did this justification come into view? The use of the standards of thinking and the elements of thought were employed to objectively define the issue and resolution.
Relevance: is defined by Paul and Elder (2013) as “bearing upon or relating to the matter at hand; implies a close logical relationship with, and importance to, the matter under consideration” (p.32). To look for relevance in thinking about the no trespassing sign in a yard, one would need to consider the relevance to their own feelings. In my case, I was concerned that there was a history in Crested Butte with our family name of Arnott; therefore, any action that would be perceived by the town people or anyone who saw the no trespassing sign would tarnish our family name. Asking myself, how does this fact bear upon the issue (Paul & Elder, 2013. p. 32)? In thinking of the perception of other people, it does cause some source of concern, because the majority of the people live in town all year long; whereas, our family home is only frequented rarely from May – September. If the neighbors found the sign to be pretentious or obnoxious, they may not want to help if someone was found to be trespassing. Actually, since the sign has been posted, no one other than the person who is angry at our family has said anything about the sign directly to us. The family members talk to the neighbors when we visit and discuss the issue ...

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...vidence of trespassing onto the property. The issue would have been dealt with much more effectively, if the owners spoke objectively and less egocentrically about the issue up front; weighing the pros and cons of the situation using the elements of critical thinking and fair-mindedness as described above. Most likely, the end result would have been the same; however, there would have been much less trepidation and heated discussion about the need for the sign. Everyone would have had a chance to voice their concerns, fears, and objections in a constructive manner, which is a better way to deal with any issue. There was a family disagreement on the need for a no trespassing sign, by using fair-mindedness logic and standards of thinking to fully contemplate the issues surrounding having a no trespassing sign in the yard has changed a ‘NO’ vote into a ‘YES’ vote.

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