Essay on Review on Myers-Briggs Skill and Personality Assessments

Essay on Review on Myers-Briggs Skill and Personality Assessments

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Personality Assessment
 Jung-Myers- Briggs Typology Test
The result of my personality assessment indicates that I am an ESFJ. This code is characterized as “The Guardian,” Extroverted –Sensing - Feeling– Judging. According to the assessment, my primary mode of living is focused on providing care for those in need. My primary mood is focused externally; this is where I deal with situations according to my feelings or my feelings toward them. It also explains that I decide things on the premises of how they fit in with my personal value system. I interpret this as I make decisions on the premises on how it fits with my morals and values. The ESFJ's value system is defined externally, according to the personality test. This means that I usually have very well formed ideas of the world and how they should be, and it explains that I am not timid about sharing these opinions. ESFJ’s can live in their extraverted feelings..
My secondary mode is internal, where I take things in through my senses in a factual, tangible approach. Much energy is focused on the desire to be accepted and for everything to be pleasant; this makes ESFJ’s supportive of others. This internal mode may be responsible for the person’s reputation for “wearing their hearts on a sleeve.”
The assessment describes ESFJ’s as people persons and the love they have for others. ESFJ’s love people and are genuinely interested in them. ESFJ’s use their Sensing and Judging personality to gather comprehensive information about others and use the information into supportive judgments. ESFJ’s are described as having the skill of bringing out the best in others. They could be very good at reading others and empathizing with them.
ESFJ’s are described as being incredibl...

... middle of paper ... through available resources. The CEI is also appropriate for both high school students and adults.
In terms of working with these assessments with clients, I feel that it is very useful in that it provides multiple possibilities for occupations. In addition to just listing the occupations, all of the background information provided about these occupations can be quite useful in working with clients. It can be helpful with clients in most populations, young and older clients. The results are so inclusive as to categorizing by level of education required, and summaries about each profession that it can be worked through by those with little experience in assessments. As a counselor helping a client get through this assessment, I would work through the results slowly and assist in clarifying or further exploring professional opportunities with the client.

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