Review Of ' The Roman Square ' Essay

Review Of ' The Roman Square ' Essay

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ext. roman square - day

Roman citizens stand on both sides of the Roman square cheering and celebrating the return of the emperor.

The emperor parade starts and soldiers blow the horns.

Emperor Fabius stands in the pulpit of a chariot pulled by two huge black European stallions. Roses and white pigeons fly all over the sky in celebration. Emperor Fabius smiles at the crowd.

He turns right and raises his right hand greeting the crowd while holding his toga with the left hand. He then turns left and raises his left hand waving at the crowd while he smiles.

The crowd cheers and chants "long live, Emperor Fabius."


People love conquests and victories.

An arrow flies fast and hit a PRAETORIAN SOLDIER, 20s, wears metal armor, stands next to the emperor in the chariot.

The praetorian soldier falls down; the crowd panics; General Lucius protects the emperor with a shield. The chariot continues its path to the emperor 's palace.

int. Emperor 's palace - day

Fabius enters his quarters and walks across the red carpet to sit on his throne. Senators gather on his right to greet Fabius and to congratulate him for his recent victory.

Oralius, 50s, old senator, white hair, wears a white toqa, walks to the front of the emperor 's chair.


On behalf of all Roman senators, we congratulate you, for your victory and successful conquest in Egypt.

Emperor fabius

Thank you, senator Oralius. Where is Tiagnos? I don 't see him!


Not all senators are here, your majesty.

Emperor Fabius raises his right hand. General Lucius approaches Emperor Fabius and leans clos.

Emperor Fabius

Send someone to look for Tiagnos.

General Lucius nods his head and walks out of the room. Emperor Fabius smiles as he rises from his ...

... middle of paper ...

...ices Tiagnos on the side of the street. She turns to her maid and guard.


Wait me her.

She walks to Tiagnos.


I saw you and I was hesitant to approach you. It 's too dangerous for you to see me here.


I know, but I have to warn you. My uncle ordered his guards to kill you and take your daughter. You need to leave Rome now.


Damn it! they already got my daughter. I 'll save her first. Do you know where they might take her?


If they already captured her that means she is in a cell near my uncle 's palace. No one could enter there.


I will go now to think of something and save my daughter. I might disappear for a while.


Be carefull.


Take care of yourself.

Tiagnos turns and walks; Isabella watches him leaving while she weeps in sorrow. A SPY, 20s, stands by a wall overhears their conversation.

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