Essay about Review Of ' The Iliad '

Essay about Review Of ' The Iliad '

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Hon·or [/ˈänər/], noun: good quality or character as judged by other people; a high regard or respect; personal integrity; reputation or privilege. The notion of honor is prevalent in the epic poem The Iliad. In The Iliad, Homer (a famous Greek author) expresses the quintessence honor brings to the Greek and Trojan soldiers. He shows how honor is a requirement for one who wants to be a hero and describes the extent to which honor plays a role in the lives of the Greeks and the Trojans. The warriors ' goal of honor influences how they behave in the story and shows the impact honor has on each of their decisions. The way the warriors behave in battle emanates directly from their desire to attain honor. Honor is the overall theme that drives the actions of almost the entire novel because its what every man yearns for. Honor gives the heroes something to live for even they feel like they are already dead. The warriors ' decision to enter battle, their wrath, and the sacrifices they must make throughout the story are all sparked by a desire to acquire honor.
The warriors ' decision to enter battle is provoked by their goal of achieving honor.
The Trojan War, a long and bloody war waged by the Achaeans (the Greeks) and the Danaäns (Trojans) is not a war to protect their nation, or a war over social status, or a war over boundary disagreements, although it may appear so at first; the Trojan War is actually a war fought especially for honor. Each and every man who has entered the war desires honor, whether it be for themselves, their family, or someone else. The idea that one can attain honor and later become a hero, is what triggers the Trojan War in the first place; the men join the war so that they can have honor and be glorified by ...

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...des, us-the readers, to believe war is the honorable way to settle a dispute. Nowhere in the Iliad does Homer imply that joining battle constitutes a waste of time or wastes the lives of the men. Rather, he emphasizes that their goal of achieving honor justified each side 's decision to enter the war in the first place. By being a part of the war, the warriors demonstrate their superiority over other men while also confirming to themselves the significance of their existence. Their value to their men and belief in themselves are all based on their ability to carry out the actions required in war. Achieving honor is dependent on how well, as a soldier, they are able to do in battle. If they succeed, they meet their goal of attaining honor and are respected by the other ;often times when they attain honor they are looked to as heroes because of their accomplishments.

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