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Review Of ' The Game Of Thrones ' Essay

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Game of Thrones is a fantasy piece, set during the medieval times, which takes place in a country called Westeros. Although it is set in a different time and place than where we are today, the show still has the same constructs, and built by the same fabrics that define our gender roles here in America. This show is a great example of gender roles, and what happens when people follow these rules or stray from them. Taking an in depth view of the season one opener, “Winter is Coming” helps reveal many of the social constructs not typically thought of that build our daily lives. This episode also portrays that gender roles are not just dependent on sex, but on social class, and physical characteristics.
Men fulfilling their gender role in “Game of Thrones” is the most obvious role that can be identified. For example, when King Robert rides to Winterfell with all his knights surrounding him, his knights are a symbol of masculinity, and according to Devor “An aggressive assertion of power sustains a masculine ethic of domination through rights” (39). These knights are seen as authority figures, they were emblems that represent death to show their strength, and those around them must subordinate or be dealt with. Another example that can be seen in this episode that portrays masculinity in the same light is Khal Drogo. However, his masculinity is depicted differently from the knights. He is shown not in armor, but riding a horse shirtless, with chiseled abs, and muscular frame. One of the many other differences Khal has, is his long hair. Within the Dothraki tribe, long hair symbolizes his great strength, and warrior like skills, because Dothraki only cut their hair when they lose in battle. We first meet Khal when he is ...

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.... The achievement of high status in one’s social group requires competitive and aggressive behavior from those who wish to obtain,” and as king, Robert sits atop the hierarchy (35). Since Robert is not very well liked by his contemporaries, we can conclude that his over the top behavior is not something that should be strived for.
Game of Thrones illustrates stereotypical gender roles, and how they are used in America. The show also depicts what happens when people step outside the boundaries of normal gender roles, or take their roles too far. Most times in the show it ends up ending a persons life. While this is an extreme in our world, we would generally be ostracized in our communities. These embedded gender messages usually go unnoticed. It isn 't until we examine the show with detail, that we see how gender roles are reflected to us in television shows.

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