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Review of "The Central Line" Essay

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This year, the applications to enroll in medical schools increased by 6.1 percent to more than 48,000, breaking records set in 1996 (Lopatto). Job openings for doctors and nurses sparked the interest of the younger generation, and this, I believe, is because of the enthralling and captivating experiences that result from these fields. The article “The Central Line” by Atul Gawande covers an example of what these future surgeons and medics learn while in the field. However, the student will not perform perfectly the first time. Of course, the techniques of using the tools and how to perform the procedures take practice and time to perfect, exhibited through Gawande’s writing. Repetition and training is needed to excel at any skill or act. In his article, Gawnde motivates his readers through the use of his credibility and emotional appeals to the learning curb.
In the article, Gawande shares a story from when he worked in a hospital as a resident. His first real procedure, placing a central line through a stout man’s heart to receive nutrition, would result in few problems if it were performed by experienced hands. However, knowing this is his first operation to be done alone, Gawande’s nervousness grew with every thought of what could go dramatically wrong. Before beginning, the author recollects studying all of the precise moves and cuts his superior named S. carried out on the same type of procedure on a person beforehand. After feeling informed and confident, Gawande begins by gathering all the necessary tools needed for the job. But as he thought he finished, S. chimes in reminding him of the multiple things he failed to remember to grab or setup. He uneasily shook off the mistakes, and began by locating the point on the man’...

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...he real sense that even the best things take patience and work, and readers take this advice to apply to their own lives.
Although it can be difficult to look deep within oneself for strength to overcome hardships, Gawnade proves himself worthy with his language to give someone a boost in confidence. Over the years, he built his resume and exceeds expectations as he climbed the ladder in the medical field, giving his knowledge and background information great validity. Along with his intelligence, he adds emotions to win over his audience and hope the best for them with their endeavors, giving advice to practice in order to perfect. By showing multiple forms of writing, Gawande motivates people to strive for their dreams.

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