Review of the Article, Consequences of Differentiated Leadership In Groups

Review of the Article, Consequences of Differentiated Leadership In Groups

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The essay is a review the following article:
Wu, Joshua B, Tsui, Anne S., and Kinicki, Angelo J. 2010. Consequences of differentiated leadership in groups. Academy of Management Journal 53: 90-106.

The research article “Consequences of Differentiated Leadership in Groups” focuses on the issues of leadership as it needs to confront groups. The theoretical assumption is that individual and group level methods need to be applied for groups by the leadership of an organization. The researchers in the paper argue that group level methods lead to increased performance and output. Furthermore, there is a trend towards cohesive and disciplined work teams. The leadership on the contrary when it applies an individual approach towards groups will face formidable obstacles and problems. Leadership is determined to be a cohesive process that needs to have decisive goals and objectives. It should be implemented by creating smart and dynamic work teams. A comprehensive approach can always lead to superior outcomes. It can create a dynamic structure where work members develop confidence and trust towards each other. This paper will seek to conduct a critical appraisal of the article.
Core Research Question
The study seeks to identify the impact of differentiated leadership on the performance of work teams. Differentiated leadership refers to the use of customized approaches to motivate and inspire the workforce. This means that every individual is assumed to have a different set of notions, attitudes, and norms (Wu, Tsui & Kinicki, 2010: Pg 90).
Hence the leader should be able to respect individual differences by using a smart and robust approach. Differentiated leadership seeks to create a congenial environment where ...

... middle of paper ...

... the upper echelons of the organization.
The research article provides valuable insight about the nature of differentiated leadership with respect to groups. It argues that leaders must apply similar procedures for motivating and stimulating the work force. Such a strategy helps to retain a talented and productive workforce. Furthermore, it creates a collaborative environment where work responsibilities can be shared. A unique insight from the article is the fact that work teams can be motivated by giving them collective ownership. Creativity and passion are key drivers of organizational success when work teams can resolve complex situations using their own personal competencies.


Joshua B. Wu, Anne S. Tsui & Angelo J. Kinicki (2010). Consequences of Differentiated Leadership in Groups. The Academy of Management Journal Volume 53

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