Review of Samsung Captivate Smartphone Essay

Review of Samsung Captivate Smartphone Essay

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Title: Review of Samsung Captivate smartphone

The Samsung Captivate is a 3G-enabled smartphone. It has wide and vivid 4-inches Super AMOLED touch screen and powered with Android 2.1 operating system. The Samsung Captivate has a 16GB internal memory and 5MP camera along with video recording of 720 pixels resolution. Furthermore, it has Bluetooth of 3.0 version, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, Swype technology, social hub and lots of application is pre-installed in the phone. For entrainment purpose they have FM radio, Music player, streaming radio, etc. the smartphone with a complete package.


Samsung Captivate in a Nutshell:
The Samsung Captivate is a 3G-connectivity smartphone. It has an endless features and applications. The Android 2.1 operating system is embedded in the phone thereby it performance enormous task, which optimizes the performance of the phone. The 4-inches super AMOLED touch-screen is one which is exception feature in this phone. The 5MP camera and video recording feature helps you capture not only picture but also precious moments of your life that too at crystal clarity. Music player and FM Radio will tune in world class music. Moreover I would call this phone as a Gaming phone because you can get number of games to download on the phone and with 1GHZ Hummingbird processor it will give smooth access to the game and Six-axis sensor will boost the gaming, it will change the definition of the game for you. The Pedometer for count your foot step, Dual speaker for stunning 3D sound quality and multitasking ability makes this phone must buy product. The office work and tour becomes easy by e-mail services, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange, A-GPS technology, Bluetooth connectiv...

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• Connectivity:
The Samsung Captivate has connectivity to the Bluetooth 3.0 version and Wi-Fi, thus now you can share your document and data via Bluetooth to Bluetooth enabled devices. Through Wi-Fi connectivity we can get speedy access to the internet on your handset.

• Memory:
The Samsung Captivate has a 16MB internal memory. You can extend the memory by adding microSD/microSDHC memory card of 32GB.

• Battery life:
The Samsung Captivate has 5.83hours talk time and 340 hours of stand-by battery life.

The Verdict:
The Samsung Captivate is a 3G smartphone with all the beneficial feature of 3G technology. Good connectivity, ergonomic design, good battery life all this and many more. You can get the Samsung Captivate in market at the prize of 199.99 US Dollar with AT&T mobility. My rating: 4/5.

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