Review Of ' Rise Of The Warrior Cop ' Essay

Review Of ' Rise Of The Warrior Cop ' Essay

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today’s world the fine line between local law enforcement and military soldiers. Over the past few decades America has made law enforcement into to military troops with badges. Throughout the years, there were tragedies like Ruby Ridge and Waco which convinced many people that the law enforcement was becoming too militaristic and excessively violent. In the 1900’s and early 2000’s there were acts and tragedies like Nixon’s War on Drugs, Reagan’s War on Poverty, and post–9/11. But when George W. Bush came into power and introduced “War on Terror”, many people’s doubts left, but recent news may have brought them back.
In a book I read “Rise of the Warrior Cop”, author and journalist Radley Balko gives interesting historical facts about how he thinks law enforcement becoming soldiers with badges. Back in the 1700’s breaking a law were usually disciplined by the community. A person could have been put to shame by the people of the community and if a person committed a more serious crime they could be exiled or executed. The concept of long-term incarceration was relatively unknown at the time. A quote said by Balko he stated “would be foolish to wait until it becomes a police state to get concerned” (p. 336). From his years of research and journalism he can somewhat make a prediction of what might happen.
As the new world formed and times started to change, it was a little village with 50 people, it became towns and cities with over 1000 people. There couldn’t be “community punishing’s” anymore, there had to be order and there had to be people who could keep and protect the people of the towns and cities. But, a question said Balko would be, “are cops constitutional?” To some people, the police in this century aren’t. We have inven...

... middle of paper ... to not over power a certain branch. But that law doesn’t seem to be working, and this is the result of having problems twisted and stretched, swept under the rug and not taken seriously by higher level officials. These higher level officials have taken what founding fathers wanted this new country to follow and flourish off of, but we haven’t and our constitution has been rewritten and there is nothing we can do about it.
At the end of the book, Balko gives some suggestions that could help reverse the harm done to this country and head back down the path of the men who founded this country. One of them is end the drug war. Balko doesn’t say legalize 100%, but end the big enforcement tactics of it and lower some drug offense by people. And along with that he says “Regulatory agencies such as the Department of Education & the FDA do not need their own SWAT teams”.

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