Review Of Related Literature : High School Students Essay

Review Of Related Literature : High School Students Essay

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Review of Related Literature

High School students everywhere constantly puzzle over what extracurricular activities to take part in. There are many reasons for joining any given school group. Some students join a club because they enjoy the group and what it stands for. A few students join a group or club because their parents want or even force the student to join. Many High School students want to join a group where they think they can fit in, and other students simply want the required credit to graduate.
Regardless of the reason, some people are more compatible with certain groups than others. Some personalities seem to thrive in particular groups, while others react negatively. The question is, why is that? What is the trend? Better yet, how can we apply this to guide people in the future and to optimize a student’s chance for success? How can people help students of different personality types find the best environment for them? This Review of Literature will attempt to find and fill the gaps that this topic poses.

Myers-Briggs personality indicator
The Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI), first published in 1942, has had its overall credibility criticized numerous times. (Mccaulley, M. H. (1990)) However, the MBTI is still thought of as the most reliable and widely used personality test. Everything to careers counseling to basic psychology uses the test And while the MBTI is usually applied in a business setting, it is also useful in areas such as education.
The format of the test. There are four areas, or dimensions, of the MBTI. The four areas of the MBTI are Energizing, Attending, Deciding, and Living. Energizing refers t...

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...vely choose. All and all, not many studies have focused on the idea of personality types changing due to social interaction
The MBTI, while used in many ways, has not been used to classify the level of voluntary social segregation within high schools on the level of general extracurricular activities. A similar study including a group of music students showed no large difference between the student 's MBPT, this may have to do with the general subject being so similar. Moreover, it is unclear about whether MBPTs influences how social a person is, and if the all of the dichotomies play a role in sociableness. There is the possibility that people can change their personality types given their environment. whether this is a conscious, or permanent change remain unexplored. There is substantial evidence against being able to change you MBPT though.

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