Essay on Review of New Treatment for Brain Cancer Research

Essay on Review of New Treatment for Brain Cancer Research

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The review and evaluation of the research grant request from Large University Hospital was completed using the “Peer Review Process” format below (Office of Extramural Research, 2011). Large University Hospital’s (LUH) research team has completed their pilot study on an innovative treatment for late stage brain cancer patients. The study began within four weeks of the patient’s agreement to participate.
Overall Impact. This study revealed the new treatment for late stage brain cancer patients increased the mean number of weeks patients survived from 9.6 to 10.75. However the standard deviation in LUH’s study was 11.02 as compared to the previous 3.2. Of note is the fact that once the patient’s agreed to participate they were not immediately included in the study. This research and expanded use of the new treatment may prove to be an important breakthrough in cancer research.
Significance. This research project if successful will add to the progress in the area of brain cancer treatment. Clinical practice will be improved for patients diagnosed in the later stages of brain cancer. Patient’s lives may be extended for several weeks under the new treatment modalities of this study allowing them additional time to take care of personal matters.
Investigators. The investigators on the research team at LUH are very well suited for the project and are accomplished, experienced researchers. LUH’s leadership and infrastructure fully support the investigators of this research team. This project has all available assets under LUH required to continue the study.
Innovation. A significant change to current clinical practice protocols is used under this study. This new treatment is specific to late stage brain cancer however ...

... middle of paper ...

... and Children criteria are met and upheld.
Additional Review Considerations. Not applicable.
Summary Statements. Expansion of this research with additional funding is critical to its possible success. Revision to original protocols established by the LUH research team is required for funding. Inclusion of the number of weeks from the patient’s agreement to participate in the new treatment and beginning the study must be included. Calculations from this inclusion can be done both combined and separate to provide the most accurate research data. Pending this revision the research is most highly recommended for continuation and funding.

Office of Extramural Research. (2011). Peer Review Process. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website. Retrieved September 26, 2011, from

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