Essay on Review Of Literature : Suicide And Suicide

Essay on Review Of Literature : Suicide And Suicide

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Review of Literature: Suicide
Suicide is a very real problem in our society today. According to the CDC, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in Americans. (CDC) There is an increasing number of people committing suicide and people attempting suicide each year. Unfortunately, there is a stigma around suicide that makes people afraid to ask for the help that they need. This review of literature discusses suicide by addressing the following questions to three main ideas:
1. What age groups are at risk?
2. What are the risk factors?
3. What can we do to help prevent suicide?
What Age Groups Are at Risk?
According to WHO suicide occurs throughout the lifespan (WHO). Suicide can affect almost anyone at any age. With more than 800,000 individuals estimated to die by suicide globally each year, it is imperative that efforts be made to improve the identification of individuals at elevated risk for suicide (Podlogar). Among those ages 15-19 years, suicide is the third leading cause of death among American Indian / Alaska Natives, Asian/Pacific Islanders, non-Hispanic white people, and female Hispanics (Cross). According to Podlogar, suicide is the second leading cause of death among college age individuals (Podlogar). Older adults have among the highest suicide risks in the United states, the rate of suicide among men aged 65 years and older is 30 per 100,000 (Mezuk). As you can see suicide can affect many different groups of people at many different ages.
What Are The Risk Factors?
There are many different risk factors to who is at risk for suicide. According to WHO, the strongest risk factor for suicide is a previous suicide attempt (WHO). Up to 42% of adolescents who attempt suicide go on to make another attempt with in 2 ...

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...ive factors identified are skills in problem solving, family and community support, cultural or religious beliefs and support seeking help, and effective clinical care for mental, physical, and substance abuse disorders (CDC). There are many different preventions out there, if you see someone you feel is in need of help you can always call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK.
In conclusion, suicide is a growing epidemic in the United States. Suicide rates have gone up drastically in the last 10 years. People from all ages of life are at risk. Many different people of different ages and backgrounds are affected by suicide. There are many different risk factors that put people at a higher risk for suicide. Making the public aware of the risk factors and who to contact is very important in suicide prevention. Everyone can assist in suicide prevention

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