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The author of the article "Men, Women and Politeness" was Janet Holmes. It was published in 1995.
This article, intentionally, speaks about how women and men interrelate. The basis of her argument is
very simple and clearly expressed. Holmes tries to say that women are more polite than men, in the way
a person speaks. She says that women have ‘softened tones of disagreement’, whereas refers men to
being blunt and aggressive. . Holmes tries to say that the way in which women and men interact is
diverse. She also tries to say that the way in which they agree to things is also different. Holmes tries to
prove that all reactions of men and women are different, but all men and women act in the same way,
which makes them predictable. The article also states that in mixed sex groups, there are no differences
of communicating. Holmes uses a survey, by James Pilkington (1992), which is conducted on both men
and women working at a night bakery. The data from the survey, shows that women are more co-
operative then men. Also Holmes uses another survey results which was carried out by Maria Stubbe
(1991). That survey was done on eleven and twelve year olds. That survey also proves that women are
more agreeing, whereas, men are disagreeing.

Janet Holmes research concludes and proves that women are more polite and avoid using verbal abuse
and agree to statements, whereas men are negative. Men use more aggressive language, and have a
loud tone. The conclusions she has drawn are the conclusions to her findings and research, which is
reliable to a certain extent, but some elements of her conclusion are not explained properly, and cannot
be proved reliable.

Janet Holmes does her findings on a group with differen...

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...think that Janet Holmes has proper academic evidence as she has got them from academic
people, with proper references. However some references are missing and information provided is
outdated and can be biased. is considering and giving more priority to women, and not equal priority to
both men and women. In the article, Janet Holmes talks about the differences in men and women that
used to exist a long time ago, and does not exist anymore. The data collected, shown in the article, is
from the 1970’s and now it is the 20th Century. Data is outdated. Women and Men now interact
properly. Example: at workplace. There are both men and women at a workplace and they interact in a
proper manner. To a certain point, her reasons and research do not support the point, but there may be
some differences which were in 1970’s which may occur today.

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