Essay on Review Of ' It Is No Stranger '

Essay on Review Of ' It Is No Stranger '

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Literature has been an art form that spans from novels to poetry, and prose. It is no stranger, how influential literature is to our society, with many films, plays, and other creative outlets being inspired by their written counter parts. Literature is an outlet, an art form that allows writers to put their thoughts into print form for other to read. However, another form of writing, which has been around for quite awhile, but is just now being noticed, is taking the writing field by storm. Established literature, and even television shows, and movies, are inspiring writers to crate prose based on established characters. This writing is called fanfiction and many dispute whether or not fanfiction worthy to be considered literature or not.
Fanfiction is not an entirely new concept. It is merely the act of fans writing stories about characters and worlds that have already been created. For example, many fans of the popular Harry Potter series have written fanfiction about Hogwarts and the series main characters. The names are not changed, but they are written into scenarios that author, J.K. Rowling, did not write. Is this legal? Perhaps not entirely, but most author’s do not mind fanfiction, as long as the writers do not gain profit from it. It is, in its own way, a form of free advertising (Lord. 2015). However, some authors do not care for fanfiction at all. Fanfiction is judged for the writer’s inability to write their own original story with their own original characters. Some fanfiction writers crate unique stories, so why do they need licensed characters to write their story (Lord. 2015). Is it due to a lack of imagination, or is it simply good fun? Some people go as far as to say that fanfiction can be considered literature...

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...ges with technology, the way society views things and concepts changes as well. However, though fanfiction may or may not ever be considered literature, it is a fact that it is writing created by writers who put in effort into creating said writing. Fanfiction tells a story and holds the same amount of creativity as an official novel, even if it may not be completely original content. It is people’s right to label things as they see fit, and if some believe that fanfiction meets all the requirements to be considered literature, it is in that creative mindset that that view point should be given a chance. Literature is a broad term, but in the means of creative writing, all writing does the same, published, critically acclaimed, or not. Writing has the purpose in inciting thought in its reader and conveying a general theme. Why should a definition affect that purpose?

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