Review Of ' Hurricane Season ' By Tim L Essay

Review Of ' Hurricane Season ' By Tim L Essay

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Hurricane Season, directed by Tim Story, follows a high school basketball coach named Al Collins, played by Forest Whitaker, who builds a team of players around the Louisiana area that were affected by the devastating Hurricane Katrina, and leads them to a state championship. On the way, Coach Collins encounters many obstacles, such as where to play, trying to recruit players and keeping them from joining other teams, and also negative influences in the locker room. All of these issues they faced kept them motivated and helped the team become more of a cohesive unit and winners.
We are first introduced to Coach Collins when he talking to team before the hurricane hits about he expects from them, “ I don’t claim to be a basketball guru. My playbook is downright simple. Only five set offensive plays. Five. Believe it or not, we can go all the way with just those five plays. We’re going to practice those plays 1000 times so they are a part of your DNA. All you boys need are three things: One, execution. Two, cohesiveness, which is just a fancy word for teamwork. You’ll learn to act as one unit. Three, effort. You must bring it to every practice. You must bring it to every moment of every second of every game.” After hearing that, it is obvious that Coach Collins is strict but believes in his philosophies of basketball. We also can see he interacts with his players and genuinely cares about them outside of basketball throughout the film. Immediately after Hurricane Katrina struck, he went to go see the damage of his house, but also of his basketball court. When entering the gym, he finds one of his players emotionally distraught throwing a basketball against the backboard asking when practice starts because he has nothing to look forw...

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...illed him. Brian tells them that its there is a lot of pressure to fill his brother’s shoes and that his father has worked him so much to try to fill them and has to make his dad proud. After hearing Brian talk about his situation, his teammates tell him that they got his back and that they’re his brothers now. I agree his Coach Collins’ method he used because it brought Brian and the team together as a whole. Sometimes, when you have a coach yelling at you all the time, you need the coach to step aside and have the players handle whatever issues need to be handled.
After watching Hurricane Season, Coach Collins shows that even through difficult times in life, if you put enough effort into something you love, you will achieve greatness. You see how one coach and basketball team can put their issues and hardship aside for three things: execution, teamwork, and effort.

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