Review Of ' Excellent Sheep ' The Author Talks About How College Students '

Review Of ' Excellent Sheep ' The Author Talks About How College Students '

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In the introduction to “Excellent Sheep,” the author talks about how college students “sleepwalk” as a college student today I would say that this is definitely accurate. In college, it is so easy to float by and just try and ace a class and be successful without learning as much. I believe we are programmed to think this way in high school because I remember learning one thing and just memorizing as much as I could just so that I could pass without really digesting the information it was pure regurgitation. Now, in that, it does make me look at my education and make me feel as William Dreresiewicz says “cheated”. Looking at what is expected of a student not only in school but in a school as prestigious and well known as Creighton you strive to do well now whether or not that means actually learning or just floating by as far as you can on the regurgitation level is dependent upon A. the student and B. the amount of credits a student is taking. We learn to be alone as well as we possibly can without doing much thinking because our minds are so exacerbated by the amount of work we ha...

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