Essay on Review of English Semester

Essay on Review of English Semester

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English 101-60 has taught me many things and has helped me grow and develop my skills as a writer. It has taught me how to think more creatively and use clear concrete details. In the beginning of the semester, our first writing assignment was a narrative journal entry that focused on writing about an uninteresting moment from your life and making it interesting. This was a challenging assignment because it was a broad topic that allowed the writers to take it in any direction. I remember thinking I had no idea what I am going to write about. Once I was able to narrow down the ideas I started writing what a traumatic experience I had six years ago. This was when I underwent the surgical procedure, to remove my gallbladder. My main focus for this journal entry was to specifically elaborate on the waiting room process. I found myself to put a significant amount of effort into this assignment. After I wrote and edited this paper myself I seeked edifications from a friend of mine and one of my roommates.
When I had to go back and revise it for my portfolio, I made several changes that I would not have been able to think of in the beginning of the semester. I added more details to where I was lacking it in the paper. I also made sure I did not leave gaps in the narration. By writing the revision into a perceptive that the audience would be able to imagine themselves going through, I was able to allow the readers to gain a sympathetic pain towards my experience. I went back and made sure I did not have any spelling mistakes. I also had my friend reread the paper so they could catch the mistakes I missed. I made my conclusion more precise and related it back to the introduction. Overall, the narrative I think ended up even better tha...

... middle of paper ... some extent), and certainly broadened my view of others opinions has certainly gotten better. I have encountered issues which forced me to reevaluate what the author was really talking about and going from there. I don't think I have gotten any better at time management skills enough or editing skill, because I still have a hard time with getting all assignments in on time and completed them without any mistakes. I would definitely like to improve my ability to take constructive criticism and use it properly to enhance my essays and papers. I think I also have to work on taking my time on an assignment and not wait so long to start it. I hope to further advance my research skills as well, writing skills in the near future. This course has kind of helped me bridge the transition from high school to college, and that’s going to make thing a lot easier next semester.

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