Review of Clifford Stoll's Article "Cyberschool" and Proposed Changes to Improve My College

Review of Clifford Stoll's Article "Cyberschool" and Proposed Changes to Improve My College

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Many students realized that within their first two years semesters of college, the workload is inevitably heavier and even overwhelming than when they were in high school. After reading “Cyberschool” by Clifford Stoll, there is a shocking point that he makes very obvious to his readers. Stoll implies that what his essay is about is not to be taking into consideration because he pokes fun at the idea of the cyber-schooling. Cyber-schooling consists of each student having their own computer; all teachers are fired and retrained to become data entry clerks that answer student’s emails. In addition, this type of “future school” that Stoll describes has each student working at his or her own pace. They will get CD-ROM’s that have educational games that are programmed to help prepare students for standardized testing. Stoll brings to life the many details that many improve Camden County College. It is quite obvious that there are countless changes that could make this an optimal learning environment. The best way to create such an environment is to have a plethora of classes, up to date buildings, and additional parking.

First thing Camden County College needs is a variety of classes. What is meant by a bigger selection of classes is to have more hybrid and interactive courses available. The students should be allowed to decide whether or not they want a lecture class or one that gets them involved with others. The idea of group activities can be extremely successful in many ways. For example, the technical learners of the class like hands on projects instead of taking notes and listening to boring instructors. Having them get out of their seats stimulates the mind and helps students better retain the information. Indiv...

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...ce to become independent but also creates additional jobs for teachers. Corresponding to the new teachers being hired, they need to be able to generate good ideas. Usually, that help comes from references and resources on the internet. With that said, all classrooms in every building on the campus should be fully up to date with new technologies such as projectors and the latest Windows® software. Having such software makes the teachers’ life and students learning experience more enjoyable. Finally, to put a cherry on top of making Camden County College one of the best educational institutes would be to have more parking. Inconvenient is one word that comes to mind. A parking garage can help eliminate the stress about finding a parking spot and making it to class on time. All in all, accessible parking is another great way to make this an optimal learning environment.

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