Review of Brazil the Movie

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Upon watching the movie Brazil for the first time, the first thought which comes to mind is ‘WHAT??’. However, once past the exterior of the movie, one is able to divine its true meanings. Written by Terry Gilliam, Charlie McKeown and Tom Stoppard, Brazil was a groundbreaking movie which brought to light many issues within society which were valid in 1985 and remain so today. This text is valued because of the issues it raises, such as technology, an unwieldy government and consumerism, which are timeless issues. Brazil is based around a futuristic bureaucracy, where everything and everyone is property, there is little or no communication, and with the right forms, you can legally do whatever you want. This movie shows the flaws of such a system, that whilst aiming for perfection, is merely digging itself deeper into confusion and destroying the very society it seeks to control. Brazil is a dark comedy which shows us the consequences of handing over our lives to a faceless bureaucracy. Sam Lowry’s world is made up of millions upon millions of machines, upon which everyone relies to survive. Machines perform basically every task that there is, from the most mundane task such as creating food, to the most complex and important tasks such as deciding the fate of every living person within the system. When we first meet Sam his alarm clock is not working, the phone is large and hard to work, and the food that his machines make is completely inedible. This does not bode well for the people, for if the machines cannot even handle the most basic of tasks, how could they possibly handle the complex ones? We are taken further into the world of faults and failings within the system later on, when Sam has major problems with his heating ... ... middle of paper ... ...reedom, and that the mind is the only truly safe place. Brazil is a film which rolls up all of the problems which society was experiencing at the time that it was made into one darkly humorous movie. Commercialism, terrorism, technology, bureaucracy and government control, cosmetic surgery and the lack of freedom and individual expression. This movie was not mainstream because of the way that it delivered its message, and also perhaps simply because the government suppressed it somewhat. However, this film provided great insight into these problems, and continues to do so today, as many of these problems continue to exist. Brazil aims to highlight these problems and make the viewer think about what they have seen. This movie was not intended to change the world, but simply to try to prevent it from spiralling down into a dystopian Brazil-like chaos.
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