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Review Of ' Beloved ' By Toni Morrison Essay

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Beloved written by Toni Morrison in 1987 and Absalom, Absalom written by William Faulkner in 1936 have similar characteristics. The two novels discuss race relations in the South and how they affect everyone involved. Beloved tells the story of an ex-slave named Sethe and her daughter Denver. They live in a house which is haunted by the ghost of Sethe’s child, named Beloved. Beloved comes back to haunt the family in human form and tries to tear the family apart. In the end, the neighborhood, who abandoned the family many years before, comes back to exorcise the baby ghost and rid the family of all of its misfortune. Absalom, Absalom is about a man named Thomas Sutpen who comes to Mississippi in search of wealth and a woman who will give him sons. He brings many slaves with him so he can build a remarkable plantation, which he accomplishes. Sutpen, who just wants a white male heir before he does, is always within reach of getting this but always fails. His whole life he worked for one thing and he died without getting it. This story is told through several narrators that are either related to Sutpen or are acquaintances of his. In both of these novels, which have similar storylines, the different perspectives and the impact of slavery in the future show a lot about how race relations were viewed from opposing sides.
Through the different perspectives given in Beloved and Absalom, Absalom, race is proven to have a great effect on each party involved. Beloved is told by an ex-slave, while Absalom, Absalom is told by family members that came from slave owning families. Sethe embodies the psychological trauma of slavery, which could be found in many slaves throughout America. Sethe made the consequences of slavery well ...

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... shot at happiness because he was raised to believe he was superior to those of a different color and this led to his downfall. Both of these prove that the past issues over race and slavery affect the future and that no matter how hard someone tries to escape this, it is not possible.
The different perspectives and how slavery was shown to affect the future play a large role in Absalom, Absalom and Beloved and they show the affect of race relations in the South and their damaging side effects. Beloved is told by an ex slave while Absalom, Absalom is told by people that came from slave owning families. This led to very different viewpoints on slavery and how African Americans should be treated. The novels showed the way that past issues over race influenced the future. Slavery was shown to be destructive to everyone involved, it just hurt each side differently.

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