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Review Of Alfred Hitchcock 's Films Essay

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Alfred Hitchcock’s films not only permanently scar the brains of his viewers but also addict them to his suspense. Hitchcock’s films lure you in like a trap, he tells the audience what the characters don’t know and tortures them with the anticipation of what’s going to happen.
Suspense is only one of Hitchcock’s many techniques and themes. His themes range from the obvious violence, to the depths of human interaction and sex. From Rear Window to Psycho, Hitchcock’s unique themes are present and evident. Rear Window starts with something we all do at times, which is nosing in and stalking on others business, and turns it into a mysterious investigation leaving the viewer second guessing their neighbors at home. Psycho on the other hand, drags you into what you think is a girl committing robbery only to be thrown around when she is killed halfway through the film by someone mischievous. Although, Hitchcock’s films possess many common themes for his time period, his films contain a much more unique and explicit style that consists of sex and violence portrayed through distinctive techniques.
First of all, Hitchcock’s most widely and obvious theme is violence. Nearly every one of his films has premature death involved in some way or another. In Psycho, for example, the most famous shower knife scene when Marion Crane gets sliced to death. Although we never see the knife actually touch her, the fast pace editing creates a very violent and painful to watch scene that makes the viewer cringe. More violence follows Marion Crane’s murder when Norman Bates as his mother slashes Detective Milton Arbogast face as he falls backwards down the steep stairs. Although, Rear Window does not consist of the explicit visuals of murder and violence l...

... middle of paper ... up shots showing her reaction to what she saw. In the end, the audience feels psychologically involved and connected with the character.
In conclusion, Hitchcock’s films such as Psycho and Rear Window consists of many different themes and techniques, some of the most important are sex and violence, along with the pure cinema and Kuleshov style of storytelling. The overwhelming sex and violence in both Psycho and Rear Window are important in understanding and engaging in the thriller aspect of Hitchcock’s films. His techniques of visually telling the story and using the POV are essential in connecting to the audience through the frame as Hitchcock did in his films. In the end, these themes and techniques seemed to be replicated and branded into the genre of thriller to this day. From David Fincher’s thrillers to Spielberg 's Jaws, Hitchcock’s style is still alive.

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