Essay on Review : ' Nightshade ' Kill You? The Process Of Making Tobacco '

Essay on Review : ' Nightshade ' Kill You? The Process Of Making Tobacco '

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Kristi S. Warnstaff

Will “Nightshade” Kill You? The Process of Making Tobacco

What is Tobacco and What is it known for?

Tobacco is the common name of the plant Nicotiana tabacum and N. rustica, found in the Nightshade family. It is a green, leafy plant and is known for the nicotine that lies within its leaves. Tobacco has more than 70 different species, but only two are used today. The most popular is N. tabacum and it has never been found to grow in the wild. Today, tobacco is smoked, chewed, and snuffed. It is grown throughout both North and South America. In the United States, its grown in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Cultivation and Harvesting

Germinating tobacco seeds are a very delicate thing to do. Seeds are spread out on the surface of a seedbed to be nursed until they are strong enough to be out in a field. The “nursery” takes about 2 months of supervising the growth of the plant and to control diseases and pests (Akehurst, 1968). Before replanting in a field, producers have to assess a field site. There needs to be a reliable what source, good supervision, and an acceptable soil type. Soils with a high clay content are typically avoided because their normal lack of structure makes it difficult for the tiny seedling to grow. Once the plants have reached a height of about 8 inches, it is transplanted into a field.
Before the invention of tobacco plants, a tobacco peg was used to till the soil and then place the plant into a hole. With the new equipment, the tobacco plants automated the process, by making a hole, fertilizing it, and guiding the plant into the hole all in a single motion. After further growth of the plant, pink flowers develop on the top of the plant and eventually need r...

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...ring the crop, fires caused by cigarette smoking, and the solid, liquid, and airborne wastes produced in the manufacturing process. Most of these issues are designated by the EPA as Toxic Release Inventory (TSI) chemicals; waste products are considered to be hazardous. The top five chemicals released by tobacco product manufacturing are ammonia, nicotine, hydrochloric acid, methanol, and nitrate compounds (Verranki, et. Al., 2013).

As mentioned throughout the paper, tobacco has many processes to get it the raw based material into a useful commodity. Tobacco can be grown all over the world and is an economically important crop. It is exported and imported around the world. Though it is labor intensive, it is one of the inexpensive crops produced. Most of the money that goes into the crop production is the money spent on labor, machinery, and processing.

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