Review For Enhancing Cultural Competency Essay

Review For Enhancing Cultural Competency Essay

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Cultural competency is indispensable knowledge and skill that allows nurses to deliver optimal care for patients with diverse cultural backgrounds. Inadequate knowledge and skills of other cultural traditions have continued to increase racial and ethnic inequalities in healthcare for minority groups (Alpers & Hanssen, 2014; Dunagan et al. 2013; Long, 2012). As nurses interact with clients they provide nursing care, health education and advocacy at any point in need (Bearskin, 2011; Calvillo, 2009). Cultural awareness stands as the foundation for nurses to develop interest and continue to advance in knowledge and skills to deliver culturally competent care (Alpers & Hanssen, 2014; Bearskin, 2011; Calvillo, 2009; Kokko, 2011). To complete the critical analysis, the part A of the integrative review presented the research problems, concept, target population, and health concerns on cultural competency. In addition, the paper outlined the sampling frame with details on the search strategy. The summary of part A is illustrated in Appendix I.
Part B the concluding segment of the integrative review will provide the critical analysis to enhance cultural competency in new nursing graduates. The paper will focus on the data reduction, data display and data comparison to selected studies. In addition, the write-up will substantiate a new understanding to improve cultural competency in nursing practice. Furthermore, the paper will outline the implications to nursing practice, research and policy initiatives then provide limitations to the review.

To discuss the result of the integrative review, studies selected for the analysis consist of articles that ...

... middle of paper ...

...anada [ANAC], 2013; Bearskin, 2011; Calvillo, 2009; Long, 2010), Future review is needed to validate the necessary approaches to ensure that nurses achieve cultural competency to care for culturally diverse populations. In addition, nursing organizations are to work towards the inclusion of a transcultural concept into the core nursing curricula. The policy can focus on early introduction of a transcultural concept in the nursing training program (ANAC, 2013; Calvillo, 2009; Long, 2010 Chircop et al., 2013; Mareno & Hart, 2014).
Although the review covered studies from the Middle East, Europe and North America, the instrument search was limited to studies in English language. The review was conducted by a lone researcher therefore; the quality of the data synthesis, findings and rigour of the analysis could have been improved by using other independent researchers.

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