Review And Tutorial : Beautycon Box Essay

Review And Tutorial : Beautycon Box Essay

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Review & Tutorial: BeautyCon Box

I’m sure you guys heard about the BeautyCon box many times before -- so many YouTubers are leaving raving reviews on this quarterly beauty subscription service. But it was not until I received my first BeautyCon box myself (thank you, Beautycon, for this exciting opportunity!) when I realized that it was by far the best box I’ve ever received.

You know, when brands are saying that their box is “curated” in my skeptical mind I’m always thinking, “Okay, aren’t all of them are supposed to be curated?” But when it comes to the Beautycon Box, you can really feel that there was a lot of thought and planning behind this box. With exception of just one product (the tanning product as I never use a fake tan), I love and use all of the products in the box until this moment. In fact, the OFRA lipstick from the set even made into my October favorites! So if you ask me, the BeautyCon box is really worth the buck and I would definitely recommend subscribing to it without any delay! Especially because you can get a $5 off the box with the code KATYAFALL (hurry up as the offer expired on November 30, 2016).

Okay, now when you are all excited about the box, let’s see what you are actually getting in the fall 2016 BeautyCon box. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this

#1: Flutter Lashes - iSlay Lashes. This is a limited edition of falsies created in collaboration with YouTuber and Instagrammer @MakeupShayla. I really loved this set and wore it at least five times in real life and on the blog (for instance, here).

#2: DUO - Lash Adhesive. It’s my absolute favorite lash glue which explains why I forgot to include it in the shot. I’ve been using it with this and other sets of falsies non-stop ever since I r...

... middle of paper ...

...: I used another makeup product that didn’t come in the box, Kokie Professional Dynamic Duo Eyeliner Pen to create a winged line on my lids. Since I decided to wear falsies, I opted in for a thicker side of the pen.

Step 7: Using a Luxie brush that comes in the BeautyCon box, apply a blush and a highlighter from the Rosy Radiance palette by Pixi by Petra (it’s a new product and I’m really addicted to it).

Step 8: Use the Simple Cleansing wipes to remove the lip balm you had on your lips (see Step 1).

Step 9: Apply the OFRA liquid lipstick and you are all set.

I hope you enjoyed my review and a tutorial of the fall edition of a BeautyCon box. Please let me know in the comments area below if you ever tried or consider trying this box. Also, don’t forget to use the discount code (KATYAFALL) if you opt in for this awesome box as it will save you 5% of your order.

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