Essay on Reverse Discrimination As Unjustified - Lisa Newton

Essay on Reverse Discrimination As Unjustified - Lisa Newton

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Reverse Discrimination as Unjustified – Lisa Newton
By Shawn M. Glinski
General Ethics

Discrimination in the United States came to an end 54 years ago, or did it? Most are aware of the ethnic and sexual discrimination that plagued the United States from its founding years until 1960. White males primarily were the people in charge of making all the government and business decisions impacting the country. Even though slavery ended in 1865 and females played a significant role in the home, blacks and females voices were not considered for important decision making events. In this paper I will outline Lisa Newton’s argument towards reverse discrimination, a professor of philosophy at Fairfield University; she argues that “reverse discrimination cannot be justified by an appeal to the ideal of equality.”
After the Civil Rights movement in 1960, and the rise of female workers, white males continued to dominate the positions of influence in America. Over the past 15 years tremendous awareness has been raised around this and programs of preferential treatment emerged. These programs ensured equal rights for people of color and females in the work place, allowing for them to apply for executive level positions and earn the same amount of money, benefits, and prestige as a white male ensuring equality for all race and sex. Lisa Newton argues that, “reverse discrimination does not advance but actually undermines equality because it violates the concept of equal justice under law for all citizens. In addition, to this theoretical objection to reverse discrimination, Newton opposes it because she believes it raises insoluble problems.” Among them are determining what groups have been sufficiently discriminated against in the past t...

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...earn from the past, and ensure that part of history does not repeat itself.
In conclusion, I agree with Lisa Newton’s position on Reverse Discrimination, I believe she puts forth fantastic arguments to support her position and does an excellent job of tackling the opposition’s statements head on. My goal for the reader of this paper is to better understand the discrimination challenges our country still faces today by highlighting the preferential treatment programs and the negative impact it is having on our society’s ability to move forward.

Newton, Lisa H. "Chapter 10 /Reverse Discrimination as Unjustified." Applying Ethics. By Van Camp Julie C. N.p.: n.p., 2011. N. 426-29 Print
Wasserstrom, Richard. "Chapter 10 / A Defense of Programs of Preferential Treatment." Applying Ethics. By Van Camp Julie C. N.p.: n.p., 2011. 421-25. Print

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